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What Is Compounding?
Compounding combines specialized knowledge and skills in taking different raw medicinal ingredients and combining them in a form and mixture that will best treat a patient's needs.
Compounding pharmacists are the only healthcare professionals qualified to prepare alternative dosage forms, while working from prescriptions you have been given by a physician.
How Can Compounding Help Me?
Every individual is unique. Compounding allows a pharmacist to produce specialized medications that are suited to a variety of needs, wants, likes and dislikes, that a patient may have. It gives the patient more choices about the medication they take and lets them tailor their medication in a way that makes it more effective, easier to use and more agreeable to their body. Patients are no longer limited to the 'standard' commercial types of medicines that are available, but have the chance to find medication solutions that work best for them.
Here are some of the reasons why people choose to have their medications compounded:


  • The patient desires a change in the dosage form. For example, if they cannot swallow capsules, a patient might ask for the same medication in a liquid form.
  • The patient has allergies to or a dislike of ingredients in commercial medicines, e.g, dyes, lactose, preservatives, sugar, alcohol. These ingredients can be removed.
  • The medication the patient needs is no longer commercially available. The same medication can be made from ingredients compounded at the pharmacy.
  • The medication that is available cannot be tolerated at its current strength. Through compounding, the strength can be lowered.
  • The medication that is available is not effective for the patient. The medication can be tailored to their needs to make it more effective.
  • The medication needs to be more palatable for a child or pet to accept. Flavors can be added or more agreeable dosage forms compounded.
  • he patient requires precise adjustments to their medication, e.g, for Hormone Replacement Therapy.
    Edwards Pharmacy is dedicated to your compounding needs
    We have over 13 years of experience in compounding medicines and we're always happy to discuss your compounding needs with you in our Private Consultation Room. At Edwards Pharmacy, we promise to use our specialized knowledge and skills to find the medication solutions that work best for you.
    There's no problem that's too difficult for us because we care about your health.

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